Micro Irrigation Technician Holds a very critical role in the installation and function of micro irrigation system that not only uses the existing natural resources efficiently but also benefits the farmers in terms of decreased cost of cultivation in the long run.

He/ She is responsible for Installation, Testing, Commissioning of Micro Irrigation System at field level and thus ensure uninterrupted supply of water to the plant stand on the farm.

This job requires the individual to work independently and be comfortable in making decisions pertaining to his/her area of work. Requires clarity, skill to basic arithematic and algebraic principles. The individual should be result oriented and is responsible for his own working and learning. The individual should also be able to demonstrate skills of using various tools and decision making for instant problem solving.

After completion of course he/she would be able to carry out :

  1. Designing and Layout of Micro Irrigation System
  2. Installation of Micro Irrigation System
  3. Maintenance of Micro Irrigation System